Karate Classes

True karate spirit cannot be attained without respect, discipline and hard work.

At Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, our students train in Kyokushin Kenbukai karate combined with practical self-defense and fighting techniques.

All of our students learn and practice traditional karate techniques such as blocks, strikes, punches, kicks, stances, and kata (forms) to improve balance, flexibility, speed, and coordination.

For our younger karate students (ages 5-12), we provide a safe environment for them to not only learn karate, but we also help train them mentally. We take time to teach children respect, focus, self-discipline, self-motivation, pride, and self-control. Most importantly, we create a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable for all of our students.
Kyokushin Karate

Kyokushin Karate has been known as “The strongest karate”, not only because of the incredible feats of strength and endurance that
Founder Masutatsu Oyama performed, but also because of the rigorous requirements of the training and tournaments. The founder, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, often said that the difference between sports and the Budo Way is the path of self-discipline.

Sports can always be associated with a game in some form or another where people compete for leisure, money, or fame. The Budo way is never these since it was developed from harsh-living situations where one must fight for their life in the midst of human suffering and pain - this can either be of the mental or physical kind. The Budo Way is this challenge in life itself. Kyokushin Karate was founded by a man who was dedicated to the Budo Way. The reason Kyokushin fighters become the strongest under Mas Oyama's teaching is that they train for real-life application.

The late karate legend, Mas Oyama, said time and time again that the most important element of Kyokushin karate was the BUDO SPIRIT which encompasses elements of proper behavior, courtesy, the spirit of Osu, and good will towards man, in addition to fighting prowess.

Kyokushin Kenbukai was launched on February 5, 2017 as the pursuit of martial arts karate and sound development of young people as the pillars. 

Kyokushin Karate is known as the most powerful karate in the world.

Japanese Terminology

A must for anyone learning Karate. Click to print your copy of Kyokushin Terminology and let the learning begin.

Dojokun & The Meaning of OSU

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